Schools and Colleges

Inspiring The Fundraisers of the Future

Children are an incredibly important part of what we, as a charity, are about. Every year we airlift around 60 children, and in the future we will rely on the children of today to fund the lifesaving flights of tomorrow.

Therefore, we are committed to inspiring young people to become our future fundraisers by helping them see the value of the service the charity provides.

We achieve this through visiting schools around the county and giving our fun, interactive, informative and inspiring presentation on the work of Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust.

The talk is prepared with learning objectives in mind, taking children through the past, present and future of the charity whilst educating them about the importance of charities, geography and other curriculum link-ins.

The talks are highly interactive and a great deal of fun, and for younger children, we can even bring along flying suits and helmets for the children to try on.

Talks are available, free of charge, to all schools and colleges within Cornwall although we would, of course, appreciate any fundraising your school is able to do either prior to, or following, our visit.

If you are interested in findng out more information about school visits and our Education work, please call 01637 88 99 26 or email us.

Airbase and Helicopter Visits

Whilst we are happy to come to visit your school, we are also able to host groups of up to 30 at our new airbase just outside Newquay. Here, the children will be able to take part in a planned lesson, as well as see the helicopter and meet the duty crew. Of course, as the Air Ambulance is an emergency vehicle, this is entirely mission dependent. Children love the opportunity to look at the helicopter and meet the crew, making the lesson much more memorable and effective.

Usually, it is not possible for the helicopter to visit your school. This is due to the cost and practicalities of landing the helicopter at a school. In very special cases, such as where a school has raised an outstanding amount for the charity, it may be possible to arrange a visit, but this is entirely at the discretion of the charity.