Sky High Support for Cornwall Air Ambulance

A Slough based company has donated £26,500 to the Cornwall Air Ambulance in its fourth year of support for the Newquay charity. Over this time Adventure 001 has donated more than £80,000 which is equivalent to 427 hours of fuel for the emergency medical service.

The funds were raised from pleasure flying events held in St Ives during the summer. Adventure 001’s land, sea and air package enables participants to see St Ives from every different angle and the extra cost of upgrading seats benefits the charity.

Managing director of Adventure 001 Neil McLaren said: “My family has always holidayed in Cornwall and the air ambulance has always been close to our hearts. Donating upgrade fees for our sightseeing packages and holding fundraising events for the vital charity are simple but effective ways of ensuring that the air ambulance can continue to reach people in their hour of need.”

Adventure 001 offers a range of days out, adventures and experiences and this is part of the synergy that the company shares with the charity. Already this year the air ambulance has aided 37 patients throughout the county who were injured while taking part in adventurous sports. 23 of these were horse riders, three were injured playing rugby and two suffered injuries while riding quad bikes.

Susie Croft, head of income generation for Cornwall Air Ambulance said: “It is immensely generous of Neil and his staff to continue to support Cornwall Air Ambulance. Adventure 001’s donations make a significant difference to the charity. This year alone its support has been worth 139 hours of fuel.”

Adventure 001 has pledged to support Cornwall Air Ambulance throughout 2016 with its St Ives based tours which begin again in July.