Retail Gift Aid

With Gift Aid you can make your donations work even harder, at no cost to you.

Every item you donate to Cornwall Air Ambulance makes a difference, but Gift Aid makes your donations work even harder to keep Cornwall Air Ambulance flying.

If you are a UK taxpayer and sign up to Gift Aid, we can claim 25p for every £1 raised from the sale of your donated items.

The best bit is you'll be helping us generate extra income at no extra cost to you, as the money comes from tax already paid by you.

Did You Know: An average bag of goods donated to Cornwall Air Ambulance brings in around £25. With Gift Aid, that same bag can be worth more than £31 to the charity!

How Do I Sign Up?

Simply pop into one of our charity shops (find your nearest >Charity Shop) and fill in the form.

You'll receive a card with your unique donor number on. 

Every time you donate goods to Cornwall Air Ambulance, simply write this number on the bag and we'll do the rest.

Terms and Conditions

Please make sure you read the >Gift Aid Terms and Conditions