Rebecca Douglas

I really wanted to do this challenge as 17 Years ago I was airlifted by the Cornwall Air Ambulance with my three week old daughter.  I was only 24 at the time and it was pretty scary but the crew were really caring. Then just over 3 years ago my husband was also lifted when he fell off a ladder and fractured his shoulder.

I didn’t think it would be so tough, and would probably have turned back if it wasn’t for the support that we gave each other as a group. Everyone of us shed a tear at some point, I think we all felt such an incredible sense of achievement.

The toughest thing about the trip was actually finishing it.  Going home and leaving behind all the amazing friends, including the local guides and porters. I will never forget any of them. They all spurred me on when things got tough along with the though of all my friends and amazing family.

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