Sarah Stokes

Airlifted Date: 
15th April 2014
Airlifted From: 
Nature of Incident: 
Horseriding Accident

Sarah was seriously injured when she fell from her horse. Here, she tells the story in her own words.

Tuesday 15th April 2014 is a day I will never forget. It was the day the Cornwall Air Ambulance saved me.

I took my horse out for a ride, but on the way back to the yard he spooked. I fell onto the road and he landed directly on top of me. I couldn’t move, or feel my hips or feet. I knew it was serious.

It seemed only minutes before I heard Cornwall Air Ambulance. The crew instantly helped with pain relief and stabilised me so I could be flown to Derriford Hospital for further treatment to my badly broken pelvis.

It’s not just being put on a stretcher and taken to hospital. It’s the paramedics taking the time to know me, calm me down and make me feel safe, carrying out the procedures they needed to in order to help me.

I, like so many others, never thought I would need Cornwall Air Ambulance. Hopefully you never do. But please support them.

I couldn’t think of better people to trust with my life.

Sarah and friends hope to walk the Copper Trail to raise £500 for Cornwall Air Ambulance. To support them go to