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Josh was just three days old when he developed pneumonia. Thanks to a lifesaving team, he’s now looking forward to a future of football, science and laser tag!

“Things could’ve been so different that day,” recalls Josh’s mum, Michelle. “We came home from hospital and Josh was absolutely perfect. The next day, though, we noticed he was just a bit out of sorts. We thought maybe he just needed some air, so we took him for a walk around Bodmin.”

When Josh didn’t improve, Michelle and husband Nick rang the midwife.

“As I put the phone down I noticed Josh had turned purple,” says Michelle. “We called 999 and they dispatched an ambulance straight away. The staff on the phone were amazing, staying with me until the ambulance arrived.”

Josh had stopped breathing. As soon as the paramedics arrived, one gave baby Josh oxygen whilst the other asked to use the family’s phone.

“We didn’t realise at the time, but they were calling the Air Ambulance. We were whisked up to the helipad at Tulip Foods to meet the helicopter.

“The crew were amazing during the flight. They kept talking to me all the way to Treliske, looking after both of us. There were roadworks on the A30 and as we flew over them I remember thinking: thank goodness I’m up here, not down there. Before I knew it we were at Treliske and being whisked into A&E where what felt like a million people were ready for us. It was only then that it hit me: my baby must be really, really poorly.”

Meanwhile, Josh’s dad, Nick, was making his own way to Treliske: “I had to drop Josh’s big sister, Isabel, off to her Gran’s,” he remembers. “She slept through the whole thing, thankfully. I didn’t know what I’d find when I got to hospital, but Josh was already being given the care he urgently needed.”

Josh had pneumonia. He was rushed to the Neo-Natal Unit and was in an incubator on 100% oxygen for four days. He was in hospital for a fortnight.

“We were so lucky that day,” says Michelle. “If it hadn’t been for the whole team - from the person on the phone and the ambulance paramedics to the crew of the Air Ambulance and the staff at Treliske - things could have been so different. They saved Josh’s life. If it wasn’t for them we might not have the wonderfully happy family we have today.”

Of course Josh doesn’t remember that day. He’s now 7 years old, plays football for Bodmin Youth Football Club and is looking forward to a game of Laser Tag on his birthday. And beyond that? “I want to be a scientist,” he says. “One that makes potions and things. Maybe one day I can make potions to help people who are ill.”