Dom and Dan

Friends Dominic Wood and Dan Foster, both from Truro were affectionately known as 'Danimic' on the trip.

For Dom, reaching the summit had a very special significance.

“Dad died two years ago to the day that we set off for Kilimanjaro," said Dom.

“He instilled this sense of adventure in me and we had often talked about doing Kili, having explored places like Sri Lanka together.

“We decided as a family that I should scatter some of dad’s ashes at the top of the mountain as a tribute to him.”

Dan Foster, Dom’s lifelong friend said: “It was pretty emotional up there, I’m really proud of Dominic for doing this.

“The final ascent was tough and Dom hadn’t been well a few days before so his energy reserves were pretty low, but he was determined to do this for his dad and he dug in.”

“The atmosphere amongst the group was amazing though.” Added Dom.

“Everyone looked after everyone else and made sure that they were OK.

“Those men and women, and the memory of my dad, really got me through it.  It was a very, very special moment, very emotional.”

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