Captain Doug Pye

Team Role: 

Doug has been happily married for 13 years now, and has three wonderful children.

He joined the Army Air Corps in 1992 and spent the first seven years as a Signals Detachment Commander being sent around the world gaining a variety of different experiences, usually a nice tan and on occasion a medal or two!

He was awarded his Army flying wings in August 2000, and soon converted to the Lynx helicopter. After a short spell in Suffolk, he was posted to Northern Ireland (NI) where he really learned how to operate the aircraft! Skills that have, and continue to serve him well here at Cornwall Air Ambulance. Doug did the majority of his flying in NI where he matured into a seasoned aircraft commander, leading multi-aircraft/multi-type formations down to ground level at night using Night Vision Goggles (NVG).

Having completed 15 years service, Doug left the Army in 2007 with a little over 2000 flying hours and a shiny new commercial licence. The very next day he was hired by Bond Air Services to fly the police helicopter out of St Athan (near Cardiff) in South Wales. Doug flew with them for six years, spending the last two and a half years as the Unit Chief Pilot. During his time there Doug flew approximately 1200 hours, gained a wealth of different experiences, and was awarded with two Superintendent's Commendations.

When Doug and his family decided to move back to the South West he applied for the position as Base Pilot here at Cornwall Air Ambulance, and was given the opportunity to become part of the most experienced air ambulance unit in the country.