Sharp's Beat Fundraising Target

Sharp’s Brewery is looking to top the £10,000 they have already raised in support of the Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust.

The Cornish brewer is donating 5p from the sale of each pint of Sharp’s Own, Sharp’s Special and Cornish Coaster sold across the county up until the 31st December.

Sharp’s, brewer of the UK’s no.1 cask beer, Doom Bar, has supported the Cornwall Air Ambulance for the last couple of years and this year launched a special promotion to raise £10,000 for the charity. Well ahead of target, by October Sharp’s had already raised £10,000 and is now hoping to top this figure in the final month of the promotion. Sharp’s is calling out to local residents to continue their support.

Susie Smith, Fundraising Manager at Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust: “We are thrilled with the level of support that the Sharp’s promotion has received thus far.  A contribution of this size can make a huge difference to the level of support we can provide the Cornwall community, as without government funding we are heavily reliant upon backing from local businesses.”

“It’s great to see such an iconic Cornish brand like Sharp’s supporting a local charity. While supporting responsible drinking in the area, the promotion is really helping to drive awareness of our organisation and the service we provide among local residents.”

Emma Bebbington, General Manager at Sharp’s Brewery: “We are so proud to be partnering with such a special organisation. Cornwall Air Ambulance provides a vital service to the residents and visitors of Cornwall who need urgent care, and without it some people in our rural areas may not have the fast access to medical aid they require.”

“Being able to offer support to such an important community service is truly rewarding, and we plan to continue working with Cornwall Air Ambulance in future.”

Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust’s red and yellow helicopter is one of the busiest in the UK, having attended 642 emergency rescue missions up until 30 November this year. The charity conducts rescue missions for vital and critical patients in the area that need urgent medical care, including those in remote rural areas.

Looking ahead to next year, Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust has confirmed it will lease two new helicopters in December 2014. These aircraft will be equipped with technology to fly in darkness, so a greater number of rescue missions will be able to be completed. During the winter months especially, this will be crucial for rescue missions during peak traffic periods.