Our new manikin is no dummy!

The new training tool available to our paramedic aircrew may be a manikin – but she’s certainly no dummy!

The ‘RAnne Simulator’ is the closest thing they can get to practising on a human - it breathes, coughs, has a pulse and its eyes can even dilate, meaning our paramedics can train to enhance their skills in a controlled yet highly realistic environment. The paramedics can practice pain relief, test and train each other with different scenarios by for example, closing down the breathing of the manikin so that they can practice reinstating breathing.

The new manikin has been purchased thanks to the generous donations of several local businesses, councils and charitable trusts. Donations were received from Pirate FM Trust, Norman Family Charitable Trust, St Austell Bay Parish Council, St Austell Brewery and Nick Kaye Pharmacy.

Now we own this amazing piece of kit, the crew can train on the manikin every week in between missions. A Critical Care doctor also comes  in a couple of times a month to train them so that they can move towards delivering critical care and pain relief at home or roadside instead of a patient having to wait until they are in hospital. All this additional training ensures that our paramedics can provide patients with the best care possible and improve their chances of survival and the best recovery possible following an incident.

Thank you again to the businesses, councils and charitable trusts that generously donated money to make this possible.