Go Green This Christmas

Cornwall Air Ambulance is asking offices across the county to go green this Christmas to help keep our lifesaving red helicopter flying.

Corporate Christmas cards can be expensive, time-consuming and are not the most enviornmentally-friendly way to convey Christmas wishes to suppliers, customers and staff.

This Christmas, why not can the cards and help keep Cornwall Air Ambulance flying?

Over the Christmas period our crews will continue to be on call, protecting the people of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly just as they do throughout the rest of the year.

The winter can be a busy time for our crews. Poor weather conditions make many areas of the county difficult to access by road, an influx of people puts additional pressure on our emergency services, and the cold weather brings an increase in medical problems - particularly respiratory conditions brought on by flu, which can be fatal without a quick medical response.

When your company makes a donation to Cornwall Air Ambulance in lieu of sending corporate Christmas cards, we can send you a poster for your office or an image to include on emails, your website or social media so everyone will know that not only are you helping protect the environment, but are also helping support a brilliant local cause.

Smith and Reed Recruitment are just one company supporting Cornwall Air Ambulance instead of sending Christmas cards this year.

Zoe McEwen from Smith and Reed said: “Our Christmas wish to candidates and clients has not been put within a card this year, instead our wish has been passed to a very worthy cause.

"We have donated money which would otherwise be spent on corporate Christmas cards to the Cornwall Air Ambulance. We have done this with confidence, knowing that our partners would prefer the certainty of a vital service to our community in lieu of a Christmas card from Smith & Reed Recruitment. Everyone knows somebody for which the air ambulance has been vital at a time of crisis and long may it continue.”

To can the cards and help keep us flying this Christmas, just contact us for more information or call 01637 889926.