Camel Valley Continues Air Ambulance Support

Camel Valley Vineyard, the award-winning Cornish wine producer, has donated a further £1,835 to Cornwall Air Ambulance – enough to fund nearly 10 hours of fuel.

The vineyard has now raised over £13,000 for the lifesaving Cornish charity.

Visitors to the vineyard can opt to upgrade their tour to include a glass of Camel Valley’s famous sparkling wine. All proceeds are donated to Cornwall Air Ambulance.

Bob Lindo, owner of Camel Valley Wine, said: “What I love about the Cornwall Air Ambulance is that it is ‘for one and all’.  If you’re lying, injured, by the side of the road, they’ll pick you up.  No questions.”

The family were inspired to start fundraising for Cornwall Air Ambulance after their daughter Esther was airlifted in 1996 following a horseriding accident.

Susie Smith, fundraising manager for Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust, said: “Camel Valley really are wonderful supporters of Cornwall Air Ambulance, year after year.

“What’s more, the feedback we hear is that their visitors are all really keen to help support the cause and are happy to donate, especially when a glass of Camel Valley fizz is involved!

“This is a wonderful example of a successful Cornish business helping one of the most important charities in the county; a charity any one could need, at any time.

“The money Camel Valley have donated this year alone is enough to fund almost 10 hours of fuel for our lifesaving rescue missions. That’s no mean feat, and we want to say a sincere thank you to Camel Valley, their staff and visitors for their support, on behalf of all our airlifted patients.”