Adventure Events Fund Summer of Child Rescues

Adventure Events have continued their support for Cornwall Air Ambulance, raising over £21,500 in 2014 through sightseeing helicopter trips around St Ives bay and Front Seat donations.

The company operates its Cornwall Summer Events programme every August with amazing experiences on offer in support of Cornwall Air Ambulance.

The £21,500 donated in 2014 alone is the equivalent of funding all 14 rescue missions to babies and children flown by Cornwall Air Ambulance in July and August 2014.

Neil McLaren, Managing Director of Adventure 001, said: “Raising money for Cornwall Air Ambulance is extremely close to the hearts of all at Adventure 001. As a father myself it makes me exceptionally proud that our team’s efforts have funded all the rescue flights for children airlifted over summer 2014.

"We are hugely committed to donate £20,000 to Cornwall Air Ambulance again in 2015.”

Susie Smith, Head of Fundraising at Cornwall Air Ambulance, said: “Every year we rescue around 100 children and babies. Such little lives need the best care as quickly as possible and in many cases, Cornwall Air Ambulance can make the difference. 

“To have regular support from a company like Adventure 001 helps us plan for the future to ensure we are there when people need us most. We’d like to thank them and all who support them each year.”