Dean Jobe

Kilimanjaro has always been on my bucket list, and having lived and worked in Cornwall for most of my life, to do something as exciting as climb the world’s highest free standing mountain in aid of one of the county’s most important charities was an opportunity I was not going to pass up on easily. Cornwall is such a close-knit county that almost everyone knows of someone whose life has been impacted by the efforts of the Cornwall Air Ambulance crew. Now I can say my efforts have helped keep that service going.

We had all worked so hard in the build-up to the trek with our training and more importantly the fund raising. To be told that as a group we had raised over £70,000 for the air ambulance which will fund 40+ lifesaving flights was all the motivation I needed to get to the top. Friends and family had been so generous with donations and I made a promise to them all that I will make it to the top and I didn’t want to let them down.

It felt incredible to reach the summit! It was a real challenge all week, especially the summit night. To have managed to reach the summit in time to see the sun rise made it all worthwhile. I totally forgot about all the aches and pains from the exhausting 8 hours walk to get there but to see the sun rise up through the cloud cover was an unbelievable feeling. I have never encountered anything that would top that sense of achievement and pride.

The celebratory beers back at the hotel were probably the next best thing! What a night that was! Plenty of alcohol flowed all night and it gave me the same lightheaded feeling I had up on the mountain.

I’ve also got to say the whole group was the best thing about the trip! What an amazing bunch of people from all different backgrounds joined together for the same reason. No matter where you were in the pack on any day, there was always a joker to make you smile, someone to offer a kind word of encouragement and another to remind you just how many days away your next beer was going to be(that was generally my job).

I have made some great friends for life from this trek and really wish we could all stay in touch and who knows, we might even plan another adventure together for some time in the near future.

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