Cornwall Air Ambulance To Feature in BBC Series

The new series of BBC Countryside 999 features the work of the Cornwall Air Ambulance.

The new BBC One series starts airing on Monday 24th February and examines the unique challenges faced by Britain's rural emergency services.

BBC crews filmed with the Cornwall Air Ambulance for 8 weeks over summer 2013, following the aircrew on a variety of rescue missions, from beach accidents to life-threatening medical emergencies and road traffic collisions.

A specially trained cameraman flew onboard the helicopter on urgent rescue missions and tiny GoPro cameras rigged inside the helicopter captured never-before-seen footage of the Cornwall Air Ambulance aircrew in action.

Tom Matthews, PR officer for Cornwall Air Ambulance, said: "The inside of the Cornwall Air Ambulance is somewhere you hope never to see in person, but as a charity we wanted to give our supporters a glimpse of the amazing lifesaving work that they make possible.

"Patient confidentiality is at the heart of what we do as a charity, and so we want to thank the patients shown in the series - and their familes - for giving their permission for us to use their stories.

"We hope this series will show people just how important an air ambulance is to Cornwall, but we also hope it will raise the profile of air ambulances as a whole. On average air ambulances in the UK attend 70 incidents a day, making them by far the busiest charity-funded emergency service in the UK."

The series starts on BBC One on Monday 24th February 2014 and will be broadcast weekdays at 11am. It will also be available on BBC iPlayer.